Move Without Limits

Dr. Craig Liebenson: The Fountain of Youth, Providing Tangible Hope & an Actionable Plan

July 07, 2022 Mallory Reilly Season 1 Episode 11
Move Without Limits
Dr. Craig Liebenson: The Fountain of Youth, Providing Tangible Hope & an Actionable Plan
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In this episode please enjoy the perspectives of our mentor here at Reload, Dr. Craig Liebenson.

I met Craig in the mix of the pandemic while experiencing clinician burnout at my first, First Principles of Movement course. Hearing Craig's perspective on healthcare and learning the actionable positive difference that is possible to make as a practitioner despite the tyranny of the mainstream, despite the tyranny of the clinic, despite the current state of the world- personally saved my career and attitude. What I appreciate most about Craig and what you’ll learn about in this episode is his strength-based and ever evolving approach to rehab, healing and helping people stay active- giving hope to both practitioners and the humans we serve.

Dr. Craig Liebenson, D.C. is the founder of First Principles of Movement, and author of Rehabilitation of the Spine (2007) & The Functional Training Handbook (2014). He provides educational courses for trainers and rehab specialists, in cities around the world.

Dr. Liebenson is the Founder and Director of L.A. Sports & Spine, providing health span and performance enhancement advice. He worked as the team chiropractor for the N.B.A. Los Angeles Clippers from 2005-2009, served as consultant for the M.L.B. Arizona Diamondbacks, the N.F.L Seattle Seahawks, EXOS (formerly Athletes Performance International), Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group and Perform Better, Inc .

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Craig is nervous? About what?
How to quintuple your energy cells to burn more fat and recover from strength training
Forever- evolving approach to rehab
Why did Craig become a Chiropractor in the first place? It’s not what you may expect…
Having a positive experience with movement
Not being afraid to be wrong
Hope-based care
Reload’s secret weapon
Leaders are compassionate and greatness needs a team
What is the real fountain of youth?
Upcoming FPM courses, virtual learning and prerequisites
Sneak Peak! What happens in a live FPM workshop?
Working with Kobe Bryant
What advice does Craig give a younger version of himself?